Bases, Sizes and more…

Warlord the Miniatures Game

While the standard (and official tournament) rules focus around four core base sizes, there are options if you just plain don’t like square bases and not interested in playing official tournaments (official tournaments are no longer sponsored anyway).

Metric, Squares, and Hexes

Warlord 2nd Edition Rulebook – page 18:

RAGE measurements are listed in inches (indicated by closed quotes: ” ). However, for purposes of play, conversion is simple. If you choose to use the metric system or a square or hex map, just substitute centimeters, squares, or hexes for inches. While the conversion may not be precise, it is more than sufficient for play.

Now, if you want to stick to the official sizes – this table lists the official datacard sizes with SAE and metric conversions:

Warlord Bases (Name, SAE (metric), format, and typical usage)
Std 1.0″ (or 25mm) Square Infantry
Cav 1.0 x 2.0″ (or 25mm x 50mm) Rectangle horse and other cavalry
Lrg 1.5″ (or 40mm) Square Large Orcs, Ogres etc.
Gnt 2.0″ (or 50mm) Square Giants, etc.