The Savage North Factions

Good Factions


Warlord - Kragmarr

Beyond the great portals, a wide highway descends into the mountain, leading to a number of smaller outposts before entering into the great caverns housing the city of Kragmarr proper. Kragmarr dwarves consider themselves the defenders of dwarfdom charged with preserving their way of life at all costs. In times of battle the mighty armies of Kragmarr march forth from Splinter Peak, vast lines of gray-mailed juggernauts of mithril and steel wielding heavy hammers and axes, eager to hack and smash aside giants, dragons, or Kargir trash.
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Blade Sisters

Warlord - Blade Sisters

Acceptance into the Sisterhood is open to any female of Adonian descent. Many elf and dwarf women serve the Sisterhood, and more than a few halflings and gnomes have found their way into service. The Sisterhood has attracted all classes of initiates from the lowly serf and fugitive outlaw to regal noble. Once accepted, social ranks and stations are replaced with ranks of command. The Sisterhood offers sanctuary to all manner of women and will fiercely defend its members against any and all outside threats. Once an initiate offers allegiance to the Sisterhood, her individual history and past are wiped clean.
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Warlord - Tembrithil Elves

There are ancient forests in the world, remote and wild places where tree trunks for mighty cathedrals, and the footfall of man is as unknown as it is unwelcome. The land beneath the mighty Woodspike trees is the domain and refuge of the House of Sildor, the wood elves. They jealously guard their home from rapacious orcs and greedy foresters with equal determination and ferocity.
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Neutral Factions


Warlord - Korborlas

Deep in the dark forests of the Nornwood and the mountain ranges of the Savage North, the korborlas, wolf-folk known to other races as lupines, make their home. They have hunted the land since the first Ages of Ice, and perhaps no one, not even the Tembrithil, knows the woods and forest paths better than they.
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Evil Factions

Bloodstone Gnomes

Warlord - Darkspawn

The Bloodstone Gnomes have lurked in the shadows of the Darkreaches for more than a thousand years. The embodiment of their god, the bloodstone calls to them always, its corrosive song goads them to slash throats and conquer in the name of the Stone.
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Warlord - Darkreach Elves

Inhabiting the Darkreaches, the houses of dark elves comprise hundreds of clans, but none are as despised or feared as the Laementh, and for good reason. They are the unseen icy dagger in the back, the whispered creak of black leather in the shadows and the cold breath on the nape of the neck. A clan of skulking assassins, spies and sneak thieves, they are loyal only to themselves.
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Warlord - Icingstead

For more than seven centuries, the giants of Icingstead have menaced the Savage North by waylaying caravans, raiding villages, and ravaging herds of livestock. In recent decades however, they have shifted their focus from mindless violence and greedy plunder to deliberate conquest and expansion.
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Warlord - Kargir

The orcs of Kargir have cast an avaricious eye to the south, and their forces are poised to strike into the heartlands of Adon. Unless opposed, the civilized nations of Adon will tremble and fall beneath the orcs’ vast numbers and single-minded brutality.
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