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Choosing a Warlord Army

If you’re new to Warlord, then your first big question is likely – how do I get started? The most common answer of course, is for you to pick up a rulebook. Both the Warlord 2nd Edition and the Warlord: Savage North rulebooks contain the full core rules for playing the game, as well as all of the rules and data to play any of the exciting 10 core or 8 expansion factions. You really can’t play the game without a rulebook, so picking one up is the very first step.

The second step is to choose an army to play. The 2nd Edition rulebook contains 10 fantasy armies one might call more traditional while The Savage North rulebook contains 8 wildly different armies to choose from – each with their own look and play style. A summary of these factions is available on this website so you can learn a little bit about each faction before you decide. So let’s take a quick look at the different armies available in the game:

The Factions of Taltos

The Savage North Factions

The Rogue Factions

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