Discover Warlord

What is Warlord?

Cast in the brutal battles for supremacy in war-torn Taltos, Warlord is a swords & sorcery tabletop miniatures game. Brave knights and heroic beings wage war against sinister demons and monstrous abominations.

Warlord is a complete game system that uses the Reaper Adventure Game Engine (R.A.G.E.) for faster and more enjoyable play. Each model in the game has a set of numbers and abilities that dictate how well it performs in the game. These numbers and abilities are listed on a Data Card, an easy to read record sheet about the size of a standard poker card and freely downloadable from this site. A key component of the R.A.G.E. system is the Damage Track. Each row of stats on the Data Card represents a Damage Track which is the total points of damage that the model can sustain before being destroyed and removed from play. As a model takes damage (or injuries), its stats usually change to reflect how those injuries change the performance of the model on the field of battle!

Tabletop Miniatures Games:
Reaper’s tabletop miniature games are played with plastic and/or metal 28mm miniatures on a large flat surface – typically a 4′ x 4′ square table. Each player will need to build an army using the various 28mm plastic and/or metal miniatures that Reaper produces in its various product lines.

Reaper produces an official line of Warlord miniatures for use with the game. However, you may proxy other miniatures to represent the various models in your army.

About the World of Warlord

Warlord takes place in the war-torn land of Taltos in the world of Adon. The region is a place of dry, blistering summers and mild winters. Various leaders and their forces battle for control of their own destinies. They battle for the power to become Warlords and become legends by their own hands; some are just and fair while others are cruel and capricious. Life in Taltos is brutal but there is a fortune to be made and eternal fame to be won.