Errata & Clarifications

Errata & Clarifications as of June 7th, 2010

This page contains all official errata and clarifications to the Warlord Second Edition printed core rulebook.

The Savage North rulebook contains all of the below errata & clarifications!

Errata are corrections to what is printed in the book and means the book contains errors. If you think you’ve found an error in the book, please contact the folks at Reaper Miniatures at

Clarifications are helpful explanations about how things work and are meant to clear up confusion. If you are confused about how something works, please visit Reaper Miniatures Warlord forums and post your question there.


Page 47 – Divine Vigor spell. It should technically say “Fight Action” not “Combat Action”, although it really doesn’t matter.

Page 48 – Incite spell – Rng is listed as 18″. It should say “N/A”.

Page 52 – Mercenary totem of battle reads “Treasure Horde”. It should read “Treasure Hoard”.


Page 30 – Charge Action – you do not need LOS to the model you are trying to charge, and thus may charge at models even if they are around a corner or elsewise out of sight.

Page 37 – Assassin SA – If the defending model is in B2B with enemy models other than the Assassin when it is destroyed, it may still take all of its Defensive Strikes against the non-Assassin models, or even an Assassin model that didn’t hit it.

Page 38 – First Strike SA – When a model with First Strike charges & attacks more than 1 model, or when a model with First Strike or Pike gets charged and attacked by more than 1 model, only 1 of their attacks may be performed at First Strike speed. The First Strike/Pike model chooses which model to make their first strike against.

Page 39 – Immunity(Support) means that enemy models do not gain the Support bonus when attacking this model. This model can still gain the Support bonus as normal against enemy models.

Page 39 – Immunity(X tome) means the model is unaffected by any spells (Attack or Non-Attack) from the specified tome.

Page 39 – Martyr SA can be used for Defensive Strikes, and is declared at step 6.2 of Fight Resolution (p31).

Page 40 – Provoke SA cannot be used to prevent a model from getting its Defensive Strikes. If the Provoke model is not a valid target for Defensive Strikes, then the Provoke SA has no effect (e.g., a Provoke model attacking a non-Reach model from the Reach position).

Page 40-41 – The single attacks from Rush Attack and Swift Attack cannot be increased with the Frenzy SA.

Page 41 – Summoned SA does not include LOS requirements, thus a model may be Summoned to a spot the summoner does not have LOS to.

Page 41 – Stealth SA only applies to ranged attacks from Shoot Actions, not to ranged spells.

Page 42 – Trample – a model who Tramples never technically comes into B2B contact as defined by the B2B contact rules (p18) and thus ignores any rules about coming into B2B contact (e.g., Fearsome, Nauseating, etc).

Page 43 – Vampire – Note that the Vampire model must have survived the melee encounter to be able to perform this SA.

Page 47 – Divine Might spell only works on the next Fight Action that the target model declares. It does not work for Defensive Strikes before that Fight Action.

Page 50 – Chain Lightning spell. All targets of Chain Lightning are declared when the spell is announced, as per the rules for resolving an attack spell. If any spellcasters are targeted, they can Counterspell as normal, which will affect the Casting Check for every target. Casting Checks are rolled against all targeted models, even if some of the Casting Checks fail.

Page 51 – Armor of Courage. While the Inspire, Rally, and Regroup Actions may be performed as Free Actions, they must still be performed during the model’s own Activation.

Page 62 – Divine Spirit models are the same Base Size as the model they replace.

Page 62 – Merciful Hands is a Free Action and not a Spellcast Action, and thus is resolved outside of any other Spellcast Actions performed in an Activation. It may also be used in addition to a Spellcast Action by the same model.

Page 63 – Touch of the Gods spell should include the Held model state in its list of negative Model States.

Page 70 – Flask of Hellfire is a Specialty Action and not a Spellcast Action, and thus is resolved outside of any other Spellcast Actions performed in an Activation. It may also be used in addition to a Spellcast Action by the same model.

Page 71 – Gate. Leader models that are summoned into troops still retain their ability to perform Leader Only actions like Inspire & Rally, even if that troop has more than one Leader model. When a Warlord is summoned, its Warlord Benefits (p71) begin immediately.

Page 79 – Logan Battlefury Warlord Benefit – If this is used on Defensive Strikes, it needs to be done on Step 3 of Fight Resolution, before Attack Checks are made. Also note, models need to have the Frenzy SA already in order to use this Warlord Benefit. This Warlord Benefit does not give the Frenzy SA to models that do not have it.

Page 95 – Bounty Doctrine only applies to datacards and equipment found in the Lands of Taltos core rulebook (the book that has this doctrine in it). This doctrine cannot use datacards or equipment found in other Warlord books.

Page 103 – Dance of the Dead. Corpse model created get their 2 Actions for that Activation. If Fight Actions have already taken place for that Troop’s Activation, the new Corpse models do not get to perform Fight Actions.

Page 131 – Acid Venom. All affected models take 1 point of damage, just like a ranged attack. The spell is resolved like a normal attack spell (CP VS MD).