If you’re new to this website, you may wonder where our downloads come from and are they safe for you to download. The short answer is YES, they are safe and are used by Warlord players all over the world. Downloads are either created and provided by Reaper (Hobby-Q), or in-house from various trusted sources where we create/generate the downloads and then scan them when uploaded to prevent nefarious content from being distributed, which is one of the reasons we frequently provide downloads as PDF documents.

We do accept content for placement in our downloads library, but only in text or pdf format. We DO NOT accept, nor do we open Word documents or documents in any other format. If you are unable to generate a pdf but have graphics to include with your submission, please feel free to contact us using the contact form on this site and we will send you instructions on how to make your submission. PLEASE DO NOT attempt to upload anything via the contact form, the spam-shield software will detect it as an attempt to submit spam and if you make multiple attempts, it will automatically blacklist you which will affect your ability to use the tools on the site as well.

Our Current Downloads can be found at these locations:

Game Play Material

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