The Reaper Adventure Game Engine

Warlord the Miniatures Game

Warlord is the first game to use the Reaper Adventure Game Engine (R.A.G.E. for short). As a master system, R.A.G.E. allows you to learn a few basic rules and then take this knowledge with you from game setting to game setting. One system for many games means that you spend less time learning and relearning rules and more time playing and painting.

Key Features of R.A.G.E.

Easy mechanics Roll one ten-sided dice, Add or subtract modifiers, and Meet or exceed a target number. It’s really that simple. And since all target numbers and modifiers fit on a one page quick reference sheet or are printed on the figure’s Data Card, it couldn’t get any easier to focus on your game, and not the charts and pages of rules to resolve that spell, sword slash or blaster discharge.

Fluid play A Turn is divided into 2 Actions per Model, the order and what actions are conducted are fully under your control. Each game setting has one or two Actions specific to its genre, but the rest of the Actions remain the same from game to game.

Strategy and Tactics You are in control of not only the rolling of dice and moving of figures, but also general force creation and preparing for the surprises of combat against other players.
Data Cards All information relevant to a Model’s game related mechanics easily fit on a standard poker card sized Data Card. As more powerful Models are damaged, their fighting ability will degrade until they are removed from play.

Faction or Freelance Play All R.A.G.E. games feature various colorful factions and armies for you to choose from when deciding what army and how you want to build your game forces. There also exists the ability to portray a Freelance or Mercenary force that allows you to pick and choose from all the Models in the line to custom tailor your force. While Faction forces gain special powers and abilities; Freelance forces gain ultimate customization freedom. The end result is more options and more fun for you.
R.A.G.E. Game System Engine